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HERON was founded in 1991in Guangzhou, with over 300 employees and running more than 54,000 square meter manufacture factory.

Focus on MetalConnection Technology: Heron has the core technology of MFDC, medium voltage capacitor discharge resistance welding, and advanced clinching technology.

Main Application Industries:Automotive manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, low-voltage electrical manufacturing,compressor manufacturing, household appliances and hardware manufacturing, motor manufacturing and other industries.

Aimingat Excellence: Heron provides continuously leading-edge energy-saving and environment friendly metal connection equipment, whose customers spread over 10 countries and regions, including the world’s top 500 and other enterprises located in Europe and North America .

Heron becomes one of the world leading manufacturers of metal-connected intelligent equipment.


Heron has more than 300 employees, including 18 core team members and more than 70 full-time engineers. Under the leadership of the core team, lean management, precipitation technology, encourage employee innovation, constantly provide continuous power for the development of Henglong enterprise and provide reliable services for customers.

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Bill Zou graduated from Harbin Institute of technology in 1988 and founded Henglong company in 1991. He is now the chairman of Guangzhou Henglong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a member of Guangzhou welding expert database, a long-term member of American Welding Society (RWMA), executive director of Welding Society of Automobile Engineering Association, member of South China Welding Association and director of Guangzhou sheet metal processing association.

Mr. Zou Chunya has been engaged in the research and development of medium voltage resistance welding technology for more than 200000 years. He has been the leader in the field of medium voltage resistance welding, and has accumulated the largest capacity welding technology in the field of medium voltage resistance welding.

He constantly used resistance welding technology to invent new processes, subverted the tradition, formed more than 40 patent technologies, and made outstanding contributions to the transformation and upgrading of modern manufacturing industry.

Focusing on the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, he has been promoting the manufacturing industry to innovate manufacturing processes, integrate automation and AI technology, and provide complete intelligent production lines for manufacturing industries such as home appliances, automobilespcompressors, and low-voltage electrical appliances. His products have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions, and its customers have spread over the industry giants.Bill ZouBill ZouBill ZouBill Zou


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Corporate Vision And Social Responsibility

We will continue to explore new technologies and processes in the field of metal connection, and grow into a world-class supplier of metal connection process and equipment system, and make HenLong resistance welding become an international f

Corporate Vision And Social Responsibility